With the Christmas period approaching, racking your brain in search of unique gifts for girls ideas, can be very time consuming and often leave you feeling frustrated. Finding the perfect gift to express your feelings for your loved ones and giving them something one of a kind, is far easier said than done. While you want to be sure to give them a gift they will love, you also don’t want to give them something too generic or impersonal.

That is probably why you are currently searching online for unique and clever “gifts for girls” ideas but worry not! That is an extremely common endeavour and many of us have the same thoughts and fears when searching for suitable gift ideas. That is why I have taken the time to put together a list of 10 clever and fun gifts for girls, that are guaranteed to be unique and leave them feeling loved and appreciated, as well as filled with Christmas joy.  

Let’s take a look…

10) Scratch Off Posters


Scratch off posters are a fun and interesting trend that have been generating buzz across all forms of social media lately. They allow you to track and log your unique experiences in a fun and rewarding way. You can find scratch off posters to track where you have travelled, or even scratch off popular movies for cinema lovers. Scratch off posters are an interesting and exciting way for someone to be able to explore and log their new experiences.

9) Custom View-Master Reels

gifts-for-girls-retro-view reel

Many of us have memories from our childhood of those small toy view-master reels. When you inserted a disk of images, you could view them through the binocular-like lens in vibrant colour. Now you can create custom reels, filled with images of memories and customized themes. This is a fun gift idea for someone who wants to give the gift of memories in a unique way that anyone of any age can cherish for years. Retro memorabilia are incredibly popular, and this gift will capture the essence of heartfelt memories in a cool retro style. 

8) DIY Lip Balm Kits

gifts for-girls-diy-lip-balm

Crafty girls will love gifts that allow them to be creative and make their own custom creations. Lip balms are a timeless and essential piece of equipment in the purse, or handbag of any girl. These fun DIY lip balm kits will allow them to create their own lip balms that they can be proud of. It’s also a fun way for them to explore their creative side and benefit from the rewards of their own creations.

7) Name a Star


With the hundreds of billions of stars observable to us every night, it can be an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt gift to have one of them named after your special girl. She will be able to look up at the sky, knowing that one of those beautiful stars is named in her honour. With the Starling Star Registry you will receive an official certificate and a gift package showing the location and the name of their star. This gift is sure to leave a lifelong impression on any girl of any age. 

6) Subscription Boxes


A subscription box is the gift that will keep on giving, all year long. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a subscription box is essentially a customized box that arrives at the same time each month. They will contain a variety of different things inside, based on the theme of the company that you choose. Some subscription boxes will send monthly activities, some will send recipes and others will send fun and unique pop-culture memorabilia. A few of the most popular options for subscription box, gifts for girls this year are mysteries in time, toucan Box, The Curiousity Box and Rainy Day Box.

5) Wreck This Journal


Having a journal as a place for her to express herself creatively and jot down her thoughts has always been a popular idea when it comes to choosing gifts for girls. Wreck This Journal is a new take on the journal keeping concept that encourages you to get creative and even a bit messy with your journal keeping. YouTube stars and social media influencers have been all over this new trend in journaling. Young girls of any age range will love to join the trend and make journal keeping messy and fun again. 

4) The Crystal Maze


You can never go wrong when giving the gift of a real-life experience. While the experience may not last forever like a tangible gift would, it can last a lifetime in her memories. The Crystal Maze in London and Manchester offers guests a fun and wild, live action puzzle solving experience that they can enjoy with their friends or family. Gift vouchers ensure that she can take her favourite people and have an experience she will never forget.

3) A Personalised Photoshoot Experience


If you are looking for personalised gifts for girls, this is as good as it gets. This isn’t any ordinary photoshoot! This is a photography experience based around her character, her personality, and everything she is into. Forget “just smile at the camera and look pretty”, this relaxed photoshoot is all about having fun and just being her gorgeous self.

With a questionnaire and phone consultation beforehand, the photographer at Frank & Bloom will get to know your girl and then plan and create a mood board and photoshoot unique to her. Not only will your girl love the experience but you will both have a keepsake of images that represent who she is today, to look back on in years to come.

Contact Frank & Bloom directly to order your beautifully presented gift certificates or book a photoshoot session.

2) Wonderbly


There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. At Wonderbly, an awarding winning, independent technology and publishing business they create meaningful, magical personalised stories which let children imagine themselves doing extraordinary things.

Studies show that when children see themselves in a story, it has a profound effect on their literacy and language development. This helps create confident, enthusiastic readers for life.

From learning about their own identity, to discovering the world around them and developing empathy, curiosity and confidence, Wonderbly’s superb stories help prepare children for every chapter of their life ahead.

There is an enormous selection of books and activity kits to choose from, designed for different ages up to age 12 and there were two that particularly caught my eye. The You Are Extraordinary personalised self-belief journal gets children to discover who they are, learn how to overcome obstacles, and unlock their amazing potential – through fun challenges, writing, drawing and more.

The Curious Case of the Magboggle can turn a day at home into a magical, unforgettable experience for the whole family – with a story a child plays out for real. You prepare the story – made up of mysterious letters, intriguing instructions, crafty clues and more – and the child (or children) experiences a magical, thrilling mystery. The perfect activity for holidays, rainy days, or just an unforgettable day in.

1) Personalized Illustrations


A personalized illustration is such an awesome and sentimental gift for girls. The freelance illustrators on websites like etsy.com will offer you a wide range of styles and price options for custom illustrations that you can have specifically tailored for her. You can create unique designs, or images that only she will own. It is truly a one of a kind gift that they can hang proudly on their wall forever. This particular drawing was created by Etsy seller Paulina Kwietniewska from About Face London.