2019 has been an amazing year for me when it comes to the level of attention Frank & Bloom has received from the media. It has been so exciting to see the concept being accepted and celebrated the way it has. More than that, it reassures me (in those dark days!) that Frank & Bloom is something that people believe offers something different, and that there is a genuine space for it in the photography market.

To date, I have been lucky enough to have been featured in so many reputable and quality media outlets (both traditional magazines and online). Thanks once again to everyone for their support!

However, being asked to talk to BBC Radio about Frank & Bloom was never something I envisaged when I began this journey. It was such a compliment and I was flattered to be offered such an incredible opportunity.

Allison Ferns made me feel very welcome and as relaxed as I could be… bearing in mind it was my first time being interviewed on radio!


Thank you so much to Allison Ferns, Kerry Preston and Sarah Marks at the BBC for all their support and encouragement.

Frank & Bloom is a photography experience dedicated to girls being themselves. Every girl is unique and has a story that goes beyond what she wears and what she looks like. The very character of a girl is far more interesting to photograph than putting her in pretty poses and asking her to smile. There is so much more to her than just her face.

Taking photography to a different level and producing images with heaps of individuality and character, Frank & Bloom is all about the fun and expression of girlhood.

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Want to find out more about Frank & Bloom? Watch this 2 minute video below…