Although I have been a family photographer for several years Frank & Bloom was a new venture. To my knowledge, no other photographer in the UK is specialising in photographing just girls. I knew my heart was in it. I knew I loved what I was doing, and my passion and drive for Frank & Bloom kept me going through creating the idea to bringing it to what it is today. I researched and interviewed past clients with daughters and this confirmed there was a place in the market for the idea. However, it is one thing doing the research and another actually going live to the public with a brand new photography concept. I believed in what I was doing but I often wondered “Would other people?”.

In the few months since I have launched Frank & Bloom I have been lucky enough to have been supported by so many people. Not only friends, family or friends of friends but the local media too! I never expected to have so much interest. I have actually lost count of how many publications are planning to feature articles on Frank & Bloom. Amazing!

Behind the scenes of any business there is a lot of hard work going on and it is no different with Frank & Bloom. I hired a PR specialist for the first 3 months – Zoe Hiljemark from Sixth Sense PR, who did a great job with initally getting the word out there about Frank & Bloom. Zoe connected me with Berkshire Life and The Family Grapevine and a great company called ‘We are Scamp‘, who use mood boosting words and messages on a range of great quality, ethically sourced products, to promote empowerment and encourage kids and adults. I am really excited to be working with We are Scamp in the future.  More news on that later.

Below are screenshots of the article that Berkshire Life ran on Frank & Bloom. I did not expect quite so much from them and was really pleased to see how near the front of the magazine it was as well. A great start and lots more magazines to come!

They even featured me on their Berks and Bucks life website

A very special thank you to Sarah Rodi, Editor of Berkshire Life for all her support in making this happen.