I have no doubt that regularly seeing and saying positive affirmations does something amazing for a person’s psyche. If you’re looking for different clothes for your kids check out  We Are Scamp. We are Scamp print positive, mood busting words straight onto their clothing and accessory ranges. When I came across them I just had to reach out to discover whether we could help each other.  



Two sisters Stacey and Jennifer, set up the business in 2010. After watching their own children grow and recognising the transformative power of positive thought, kindness and individuality, Scamp evolved to embrace this. They wanted to create a line of clothing that was not only quality and responsibly sourced, but contributed to childrens self-worth and self-confidence. 

I love how unique and different their kids clothes are, and that We Are Scamp have the very same values and goals at the heart of their business as I do with Frank & Bloom. I often ask the girls I photograph whether they would like to model their clothes for me at the end of their shoot, and here are some of my favourite affirmations “We are Scamp” have used on their clothing.

Be cool Be kind

I am Unique

Do your thing

I am fierce

I can and I will

Kind Heart Fierce Mind Brave Spirit

Take a look at all their clothing and accessories here 


Dedicated to girls being themselves, Frank & Bloom is a unique Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire based photography experience for girls aged 4-18.

My aim is to provide a relaxed photography experience for girls of all types, enabling them to connect their personality with their visual identity by producing genuine, authentic and natural images of who they truly are.

Whatever their character, the girls will recognise that their identity isn’t about surface beauty, it’s so much more.

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