Dear Bunny,

To others you are just a grubby stuffed toy, but to me you are my companion and my little piece of happiness. You have always been there and I take you everywhere – nursery, shopping and even holidays. We have been on many adventures together. I buried you in the sand once! I thought it was fun until I couldn’t find you. Mummy and Daddy had to dig up the beach whilst I sat there sobbing. It was getting dark when Daddy finally found you and I was so relieved.

When I feel sad, I come and find you for a cuddle and a sniff and you take away all my worries. Even though you don’t say anything, I feel better when I believe you can hear me. When I am ill, you are there, right next to me. I hate it when I have a cold because you don’t smell the same.

Remember when we went to the park Bunny? We were playing on the swings and slide and were having such fun. I only meant to leave you on the top of the slide for a moment whilst I went on the seesaw, but I forgot you were there. When it was bedtime I couldn’t find you anywhere and then I remembered what I had done. Mummy said we’d go back to the park tomorrow to find you, but I wanted to go right away. It rained so hard that night, all I could think about was you, in the cold and wet, on top of the slide. You must of been scared and very sad. I know I was. Even Mummy and Daddy were sad. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next morning, we came to find you. I climbed to the top of the slide, but you weren’t there. I couldn’t believe it. I looked to the sky and cried a big cry. I had lost you forever. Then Mummy called my name and there you were – in Mummy’s hand! Mummy was dancing with joy. You looked even more dirty than usual, but I didn’t care. I took you home, wrapped you in a towel and dried you off on the radiator.

But when I went to get you, you weren’t there! Not again! I heard a familiar noise from the kitchen and my eyes widened. “Muuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy, noooooooooooooooooo”. I cried again as I pressed my nose to the glass window of the washing machine. As if you hadn’t been through enough!  There you were spinning in soap, unable to breath, staring right back at me. I knew you’d be OK because you always were, but it would be weeks before you smelt the same again.

I love you so much Bunny. You will always be my friend and I promise never to bury you in the sand, leave you at the top of a slide or chew your ear off again.

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