Photography Experience For Girls

Dedicated to girls being themselves, Frank & Bloom is a unique Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire based photography experience for girls aged 4-18.

My aim is to provide a relaxed photography experience for girls of all types, enabling them to connect their personality with their visual identity by producing natural, unguarded and stunning images of who they truly are. Whatever their character, the girls will recognise that their identity isn’t about surface beauty, it’s so much more.



The great thing about photographing 5 year olds is their unblemished innocence and freedom to just be themselves. During the shoot we chatted about how she wanted to be a singer on a stage when she was older. I even got a mini performance.

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I found out Anya was artistic, kind-hearted and family orientated and how she enjoyed Football, Karate and loved Star Wars. Her one wish was that her cat, who she loved with all her heart, lived forever. Anya’s shoot was at three locations close by, including a nearby woodland and lake so she could show me her Karate moves.

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Photographing Lily was such a blast. From the moment I met her I knew that her easy going, live for the moment nature was going to be amazing to capture. I met Lily a few weeks before her final GCSE exams and she was finding the pressure of it a bit too much. “I hate being forced to learn about things I don’t care about, like maths”, she said. She explained how she felt trapped in a cycle, not living the way she wanted to.

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Photography has been a passion of mine since I was 10 and quickly became my source of artistic outlet. I am a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers and have won awards for my images.

I aim to capture a girl’s essence, giving her a photograph that screams “This is me”. With my passion for natural photography and dedicated to girls being themselves, Frank & Bloom candidly focuses on a girl’s personality in a relaxed environment where she can be herself.

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Photography Experience

I create timeless images that you will be proud to display in your home, giving girls a visual reminder everyday of who they are and why they are loved. An initial questionnaire and pre-session consultation to discuss your girl’s personality underpins the focus of a girl’s photoshoot and chosen locations. During the photoshoot I will combine gently posed shots along with capturing spontaneous, unguarded moments as they unfold.

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